Shawna has spent the last 25 years in Parkland County raising a family of 4 kids with her husband Tory. She recently became a grandma too! Over the years they have had many pets on their acreage, including rabbits, snakes, cats, dogs, bearded dragons, horses and a mini donkey. Some of her favourite memories with animals were helping her kids with their dogs and horses through many years of 4H.

Shawna graduated from NAIT’s Animal Health Program in 2022. She is passionate about all animals, and is always ready to jump in where help is needed. She loves talking to clients about their beloved pets, and is always looking for ways to help improve their quality of life. She loves all areas of animal medicine but especially loves large animals.

Shawna spends as much time with her family and animals outside in nature as humanly possible. She rides her three horses Shelby, Maverick and Rocky, she hikes with her dog Bandana, and she cuddles with her cats Benny, Toby, Oliver and Frank. She loves a good book, loves growing plants and working in the garden, and also can be found in the gym lifting weights. If she has a spare moment, you’ll find her somewhere outside in the sunshine with some sort of critter.