Tracy grew up on a farm just outside of Barrhead, AB.  Growing up, she had quite an assortment of animals which helped her to establish her love for them and the outdoors at a very early age. After graduating from the AHT program in Vermillion in 1997, Tracy has worked in both mixed and companion animal practices. Although she enjoys companion practice, Tracy has a particular fondness for cattle and horses, and in addition to veterinary practice, has spent time in both dairy and hog operations.

Tracy moved to Spruce Grove in 2013 with her four wonderful children Hailey, Tyson, Parker, and Zakkary who without question keep her very busy outside work. They have a wonderful cat Ember, who was rescued as a kitten, a corn snake named Riddick, Spyke the emperor scorpion, and their newest addition Franklin, a 2 year old English Bulldog. Tracy loves music and spending time outdoors, especially in the mountains, and enjoys drawing, painting and reading in her spare time.