Meet Duegie…


Last year, after returning home from a camping trip, Duegie’s owners noticed he was very weak in his hind end. Within a few days, Duegie was unable to move. He presented to the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic with all 4 limbs nearly paralyzed! After a thorough examination, 3 ticks were found on Duegie and carefully removed. We then applied Advantix – a topical application that repels and kills ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. Within 24 hours, Duegie began to improve and by 72 hours was back to his normal self!!! We submitted these ticks to the Alberta Tick Surveillance Program and they were identified as Rocky Mountain wood ticks. Although this tick is not a vector for lyme disease, Rocky Mountain wood tick saliva contains a neurotoxin that can occasionally cause tick paralysis in humans and pets; usually a bite from an adult female induces an ascending paralysis, that if not identified will be fatal once it reaches and paralyzes the lungs. Symptoms dissipate within 24-72 hrs after tick removal.

Every year, we are seeing more and more ticks and tick related diseases in Alberta. Last year, 1376 ticks were collected and submitted to the Alberta Tick Surveillance Program. Nine of those ticks found in Alberta were positive for Lyme disease, with the majority located in the Edmonton region!

To reduce the risk of your pet acquiring a tick-borne illness please speak with your Veterinarian about a preventative product called Advantix – a once monthly topical application recommended April through July, that repels and kills ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.

Angel Fund

malamutesA pet is more than an animal that we merely take into our home. They offer to us companionship, devotion, and a life-time friend. In some instances, dramatic situations arise that we could never have been prepared for and the cost of veterinary care is more than we can take on. At the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic, an Angel Fund has been started to provide some financial aid when these situations arise. Consider a family who has lost their home to a fire with a pet that has sustained injury – these unusual and devastating situations involve so much loss that the extra stress of veterinary care can be more than a family can take on.

The Angel Fund would not have been possible without the generous donation on behalf of a very special fur-family, Kenai, Meshik and Tollie. These three dogs belonged to two dedicated and loving parents, and will be greatly missed by all of us who have been touched by these very wonderful Malamutes.

A gift to the Angel Fund contributes to work which is specifically aimed at improving the health of companion animals. Please contact our receptionist at (780) 571-3200 if you wish to donate to the Angel Fund.

Dental Month (February)

February is dental month at the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic!!! Please stop by and talk to us about how you and your pet can benefit from a dental cleaning or assessment this month. Good oral health is a critical component to the overall health of your pet.


 Signs of oral and dental diseases in dogs and cats:

– Bad breath
– Loose teeth, yellowing teeth, or teeth that have a buildup of tartar
– Pain when touching your pets mouth or lips
– Excessive drooling or dropping of food
– Bleeding noticed around the teeth and gums
– Loss of appetite or loss of weight

Click here for a step-by-step video on how to introduce brushing into your pet’s daily health routine. Feel free to contact TMVC to obtain any products you feel will help in your pets daily oral health routine.


Grand Opening

On November 2, 2013 the Tri-Municipal Veterinary Clinic was officially recognized by the community during our Grand Opening Celebration! Many families, including our furry friends, came out to tour the facility, enjoy refreshments, and have professional pet photographs taken by Valerie Gordon of Gingerboots Photography. Mayor Stuart Houston and a few Member’s of Commerce joined us in our celebration!

We were extremely overjoyed by the turnout and want to thank our new and future clients for supporting us during this event! A special thanks to Hill’s, Royal Canin, Spruce Grove Jiffy Lube, Spruce Grove Feeds, Kal Tire, Mutts Adored, Bone and Biscuit, and Ginger Boot’s Photography for their donations! Our winners of our door prizes were:

Corey Rollins – Horse Prize Pack (including feed and buckets) from Spruce Grove Feeds
Gerri Schram – Oil Change and Golf Shirts from Jiffy Lube Spruce Grove and MCRC Gift Pack
Marie Lavoie – 2 Days Free Doggie Daycare from Mutts Adored and MCRC Gift Pack
Annette Hedley – Gift basket from the Bone and Biscuit Spruce Grove
Anita Bergstreiser – Golf shirt from Kal Tire, MCRC Gift Pack
Angela Watt – Bag of Dental dog food from MCRC or Hills
Eric Stanier – Bag of Dental dog food from MCRC or Hills
Rhonda – Bag of Dental dog food from MCRC or Hills
Sam Heron – Bag of Dental dog food from MCRC/Hills
Karina Beaudoin – Bag of Dental cat food from MCRC/Hills
Jeanette Bossert – Bag of Dental cat food from MCRC/Hills
Larry Giese – Bag of Dental cat food from MCRC/Hills

Grand Prize Draws (2) – $100 voucher for Veterinary Care at TMVC: Judy Bowman & Les Trautman

Feel free to check out photos from Ginger Boot’s Photography at: